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Workshops & Seminars

For Educational Staff


Most ideas presented in these in-service presentations can and should be applied to all children in a classroom to enhance performance.

Sensory Processing
1.5-hours: applicable to all staff
 What is sensory processing and how does it affect learning and behavior?

 Functional view of sensory processing weaknesses/difficulties in school children
 Detecting and Directing: How teachers can spot difficulties and take initial action?


The Sensory Smart Class (and teachers!)

1.5-hours: applicable to all staff
 Getting the ‘just right’ arousal level in children for optimal learning
 Sensory input to enhance/increase learning potential
 Specialty classes: Sensory Hubs
 What is a sensory diet and who needs one?


On The Alert Early: Enhance performance in the whole class and Identify early problems

1.5-hours; All Pre-primary through Y3 staff
Format: Practical Approach with Lecturer Demonstrations. Class materials are readily used for demonstrations. Participants submit general notes on children that present unique challenges and complete an open-ended question before the presentation for discussion.
Topics Include: Fine Motor Tasks, Praxis Skills, Hand Preference/Grip, Early Writing Efforts, Gross Motor Coordination, Body Concept, Visual Perception, Directionality, Self-Help Skills.


Attention, Effort, & Behavior in Early Years

1.5-hours: All Pre-primary- Y3
Excellent follow up to On the Alert Early
Staff are asked for specified samples of students pertaining to topics covered for review and discussion to integrate previous input into class action/observations.


Put it into Play

2-hours: Small group work with real case studies at specific year levels
Following the two previous options, a workshop providing assimilation of input for teacher groups. Targeted only on ‘how to’ and ‘when to’ implement strategies or intervention, with hands-on experience and actual case studies that reflect a real scenario and what teachers have been able to implement including the parent’s role.
This workshop could be facilitated in part, jointly with a school’s learning support coordinator.


‘The Out-of- Sync Child’

1.5-hours: Target: All Y4-Y6 staff; practical approach with examples and demonstrations

Topics Include: Written Output; Sequencing Difficulties; Time on Task; Time Concepts; Motor Restlessness; Directional Skills; Social Skills; and, Behaviour


Praxis Makes Perfect: Strategies for identifying and improving praxis skills

1.5-hours: Applicable to all staff.
What is praxis and its component stages?
What to look for and when?
Key intervention strategies for improving these skills in all students and compensation for weaknesses


Written Output

What makes it easy and why is it sometimes difficult?

1.5-hours :All Primary School Staff
What are some major skills that contribute to good writing or cause struggles when weaker?
What to work on and when?
When and how to compensate?
Motoric vs. Conceptual Writing Difficulties
Review and discussion of student writing samples

Parent/Caregiver Presentations

Fostering your child’s independent skills 
Early years – Y3 parents, grandparents, caregivers
1.5-hour visual presentation on how independent self help skills link directly to academic success


Keys to Boosting Academic Success in Your Children: What to look for and what parents should do to enhance skills

All Primary year parents
1.5-hour presentation directed at how all parents can improve areas of their child’s performance such as motor coordination, perceptual skills, writing, sequencing, behavior, attention and memory.

Transition to Secondary School: Tips and Traps

All Year 6 parents
1.5-hour presentation directed at self organization; managing the new environment; organizing schoolwork; time concept and management; success in the hidden curriculum; social happiness; street credibility and the significant transition parents must also make.

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