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Donna is a very experienced and international Paediatric Occupational Therapist (clinician and
academic), having worked in 9 countries, on 4 continents. She obtained her initial Occupational
Therapy degree in the U.S.; her Masters Degree in Australia; and her advanced Sensory Integration Certification in the U.S and Hong Kong.

Donna practices using a child and family centred approach to achieve quicker and better outcomes. Partnering Occupational Therapy with parents is essential and therefore she encourages them when possible to attend sessions. She includes a parent group consult and provision of home reinforcement tasks in the Social Thinking/Social Skills series; offers parent workshops at schools; and, runs baby/parent groups for typically developing babies (4-11 mos.) to enhance early development and sensory processing opportunities.


It is the greatest joy for Donna to receive messages from many parents around the world about the graduations, achievements, and successes of children she has had the privilege to work with. Parents are encouraged to ask for a copy of her CV for further details.




+61 (0) 420 818 945

MS, BSc. (OT), Sensory Integration Certified (WPS/USC)

About Donna

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