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Areas of Difficulty Donna can assist your child with

 Social Thinking / Social Skills
 Motor Skills (Fine and Gross Motor Skills) and Eye-hand coordination
 Sensory Processing Differences
 Motor Planning/Praxis Skills
 Attention and Self-Regulation
 Organization and Sequencing Skills
 Problem Concepts / Problem Solving
 Initiation and Sustained Effort on Tasks
 Written Output:

o Pre-writing skills
o Motoric writing difficulties
o Conceptual difficulties in writing

 Visual Perceptual Skills (which greatly affect academic performance and daily tasks)
 Self-Help Skills
 General Development
 Behaviour
 Fussy/Picky Eaters

Services Include


CLIENTS: Ages Birth to 18 years of age

  • Social Thinking/Social Skills Groups: Small Groups that include 1 free parent group consultation per series

  • Individual Assessments: Tailored to specific needs or areas of difficulty           

  • Standardized assessments and structured clinical observations

  • School assessments focused on providing specific strategies for implementation by schools staff, parents, tutors

  • Individual OT intervention sessions

  • Paired OT sessions (when appropriate)

  • Vestibular Integration Programs and Home Programs

  • Enhanced Development and Sensory Integration Groups for Mums and Babies

  • Development and Team Implementation of Early Writing Program in School (RTI Approach)

  • Professional Development Workshops for school staff

  • Parent Group Workshops at Schools or public venues

Fees and Rebates


Donna runs a fee paying occupational therapy service, however Medicare and private health insurance rebates may be available for many of her services. Families should speak with their GP or health funds to explore whether they are eligible for rebates and which may apply.


Referrals:A referral is not needed to seek Occupational Therapy Services however a referral from your GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist may be needed to allow you to seek Medicare or Private Health Fund rebates.

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